Honey coloured Wealden Sussex Sandstone

Wealden Sussex Sandstone Random Walling (RW)

This characterful hand-split walling is ideal for landscaping. Our stone masons work with the natural characteristics of the Wealden Sussex Sandstone to produce a random selection of split stone with a soft edge. This natural sandstone can be used for building, and is ideal for creating water features, retaining walls and raised beds in country gardens.

The photo featured contains a random mixture of course heights and lengths which are slightly smaller than the Wealden Sussex Sandstone Hand Split Walling.

Product Code: RW
Type: Random Walling
Wealden Sussex Sandstone Random Walling (RW)


Priced by bulk bag


Lengths, random mixture from

140mm - 430mm (51/2 - 17")

Individual course heights, random mixture from

102mm - 254mm (4" - 10")

Depth, random from

102mm - 230mm (4" - 9")

Recommended Uses

Dry stone walling
Garden features
Load-bearing walls
Non-load-bearing cladding & facing
Retaining walls & batters


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