Lambs Natural Lime Mortar

We can supply pre-mixed natural hydraulic lime mortar or hydraulic lime for site mixing. Both can be used for general building or for pointing stone, brick and blocks. We also supply two types of mature lime putty specifically for jointing gauged arches. Natural lime mortar is more permeable, less likely to crack and offers good adhesion when compared to cement. It initially has a fast set creating a stiff joint that will gradually harden . A lime putty is even more flexible with even greater permeability. It is most often used in restoring historic building and fine joionting.

Lambs Lime Putty Arch Mortar

For jointing gauged brick arches with joints of 2-6 mm This natural lime putty mortar is includes silver sand. The lime putty is supplied in 10 kg tubs that just need to be stirred before use, pour off any surface water before stirring, it is there to act as an air tight seal, continue mixing until the mortar is a creamy smooth texture. For a four-course arch you will need approximately 4-5 kg of Lambs Lime Putty Arch Mortar.

Lambs Mature Lime Putty

For jointing gauged brick arches with joints of 1-2 mm We advise that you use our Mature Lime Putty for jointing our 1-2 mm structural gauged brick arches. This is pure lime that will set by the absorption of CO2 which will occurs over a long period. The tub will have a layer of water on top which should be poured off before stirring. Mature putty will settle in the tub and when opened might be quite stiff, this is normal and with stirring it will achieve a consistency of thin cream and be ready for use. Do not attempt for use lime putty with a mortar gun or by trowelling on to Lambs red rubbers.

Lambs Natural Lime Mortar

A general purpose mortar for building or pointing stone, brick and block Lambs Natural Lime Mortar is a dry pre-mixed mortar made with St. Astier Pure & Natural Hydraulic Lime, sand and pigments. Available in two different strengths, four different sand gradings and and range of colours, it is supplied in 25kg or 1,000kg bags. The mortar just needs to be mixed with water on site, follow the instructions on the bag. We can also supply St Astier Pure & Natural Hydralic Lime for mixing on site.

Download our Lambs Natural Lime Mortar Brochure


Our Natural Lime Mortar is available in four different sand textures:
- TF (approx 1.5mm and down)
- F (approx 2mm and down)
- M (approx 3mm and down)


Lambs has 12 standard mortar colours as shown in the colour chart. We also have two stone-specific lime mortar mixes for use with our Port Lime Stone and Wealden Sussex Sandstone.
We can arrange to visit your site if you are trying to match an historic mortar for a restoration or for an extension.

Approximately how much will you need?

For repointing stonework: 20kg/m2
For repointing brickwork: 7kg/m2, depending on joint size
For laying bricks: 1 tonne/1000 bricks if using a 10 mm joint.
These are guide quantities and you may need to adjust them depending upon your materials.

Which strength do you need?

For general solid masonry, dense masonry, parapets and lintelsMedium mortar made with NHL3.5 lime
Above the roofline, below damp course proofing and for copings, cappings and earth retaining wallStrong mortar made with NHL5 lime
This is a general guide, and the strength of the mortar you need will depend on the structural requirements, the nature and condition of the background, the exposure of the site, time of the year and type of finish you require. Less porous masonry units and harsh climates require stronger mortar.
Technical Drawings


Our experienced technical consultants would be happy to answer your questions about any of our products or materials. Contact us to discuss what you need.

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