Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view Lambs products?

At our head office showroom, or view them on-line in our product catalogue. In addition, you can also visit our Cremer Whiting Brick stockyard at Godstone and Pitsham Brickworks providing that we are given adequate notice of your arrival (24 hours minimum please). Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee Saturday visits.

Where are Lambs bricks stocked?

At our Pitsham Brickworks in Midhurst, West Sussex.

Can I visit the brickworks?

Yes, provided that we are given adequate notice of your arrival (24 hours minimum please). Please call our Head Officeaccomodate on 01403 785141 to arrange and appointment. Unfortunately, we are unable to accomodate weekend visits. To obtain a map to locate the brickworks please click on the following links for Pitsham brickworks.

Do Lambs manufacture imperial and metric size bricks?

Yes, we will also tailor make bricks to any size specified.

What happens if I need special bricks or Arches?

Lambs can either visit the site to take details and measurements and then produce a quotation. Alternatively, you can send in drawings, email a photograph or send in a sample of the material with the size and quantities you require. From this information we will provide you with a quotation in the first instance.

Do Lambs make handmade and machine made bricks?

Yes, we manufacture both in a variety of colours.

Can Lambs products be used for more than restoration projects?

Very much so, our products are excellent for new build. See the list of representative new build projects for some examples of where they have been used.

Do Lambs sell their material to the public as well as builders, builders merchants and architects?

Yes, Lambs are happy to deal with all members of the public as well as the building trade.

Do Lambs supply small quantities of bricks as well as large numbers?

Yes, Lambs are happy to deal with both large and small contracts providing both with an equal level of service.

How do I pay for goods I have ordered from Lambs?

Please see payment information.

I have some existing bricks to match. Can Lambs help me?

Yes, we visit the site and then submit matching samples or to speed up the process, you can send in a sample of the material you are matching or email us a close up photograph of the material with the size and quantities.

Where do I email photographs to?

Where do I send samples, drawings or letters?

To our head office.

Do Lambs produce drawings for non-standard specials?

Yes, Lambs produce full size working drawings upon receipt of your order and forward these to you for approval prior to manufacture.

Do Lambs deliver goods to site?

Yes, Lambs operate their own delivery service as well as using an approved list of specialist haulage contractors who are trained to deliver our goods.

When I receive the specials and non standard materials, how will I know what's what?

Lambs materials are clearly marked to correspond with their drawings.

What areas do Lambs deliver to?

We supply our materials to contracts throughout the UK and Worldwide by special arrangement.

What about exporting?

Yes, Lambs export their material worldwide.

How do Lambs bricks arrive on site?

On pallets, shrink wrapped and banded, unless indicated otherwise by our office.

Do Lambs supply labour to construct their materials into the work?

No. Lambs do not offer a construction service. However, upon request we can recommend suitable builders to assist our clients.



Our experienced technical consultants would be happy to answer your questions about any of our products or materials. Contact us to discuss what you need.

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