The Riverside House
Stephen Yeoman & Anita Findlay
Sandy Rendel Architects
Main Contractor:
Myriad Construction
Sussex Heritage Trust, 2016 Sunday Times Best One-Off Home 2016 RIBA South East Reginal Winner 2017 British Homes Award 2016
Mixed Grey Ash Glazed Headers

Grand Designs host, Kevin McCloud, described this house as '' The Rusty Metal House'' in 2015. Positioned proudly on the River Ouse, south of the historic town centre of Lewes, owners Stephen Yeoman and Anita Findlay wanted to build a cutting edge and post industrial house. Located at the foot of a chalk face cliff and within the South Downs National Park, the challenges were for all to see, especially as it was going to be featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs. 

Designed by Sandy Rendel architects, the design became a reality in 2015. The use of Cor-Ten metal skin and traditional glazed bricks, ensured the brief was met with local approval and awards a plenty.

The architects approached Lambs requesting materials that are suited for the area. Typically, Lewes is reknown for red brick and grey ash glazed brick. A slightly heavier textured grey brick was required. It was suggested they use a traditional Clamp fired brick, that could be glazed in the same way as Lambs standard product. 

The bricks were approved and delivered to site in 2014.  

Following the projects completion, it has received incredible success winning two RIBA awards, Sussex Hertitage Trust and the Sunday Times Best One Off house 2016.


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