31 Harley Street, London
McBrides Chartered Accountants
Crispin & Borst Ltd.
Main Contractor:
Priest Restoration Ltd.
W.T. Lamb & Sons Cut Face Medium TLB Red Rubber Specials
Arches combined with Handmade Rubber Range Medium Multi Imperial Facings

Harley Street in London, famous for it's medical practices was named after Edward Harley who was a property owner of the Georgian era. Most of the houses were built in the eighteen century and number 31 appears to be no different in this respect.

Lambs were asked to visit site and provide a quotation for the supply of two arches and the over sailing profile courses to the dormer gable. Once on site the detail proved to be difficult to record because the gable had been taken down and most of the specials were saved in a collection of rubble sacks.

With the units laid out and with the aid of photographs of next door which was similar in design the jigsaw was eventually unravelled. Part of the survey record is shown here drawn from a combination of site measurement of the remaining opening and calculation of positions from the sizes of the Red Rubber specials. We were able with this information to submit prices for replacements and received an order from Priest Restoration.

CAD drawings were prepared using original profiles rather than from profile gauged records taken on site, and with these approved the full sized drawings were prepared. The process after approval of the drawings usually moves forward fairly quickly when the material is Red Rubber. The Red Rubber blocks are in constant production so that when the order arrives in the cutting shed arches and profiles can be shaped from blocks held in stock.

This order contained a course of Egg and Dart profiles which are hand carved and cannot be completed as quickly as rubbed profiles. The completed order was delivered to site in trays and the gable was successfully completed.

Replacement Lambs Gauged Arches and Specials a perfect size match with the original fabric.


Lambs site survey notes, the basis for our price to the Client and utilised in conjunction with site profiles for manufacturing purposes.

A typical site survey example of hand carved TLB Red Rubber material to be reproduced by Lambs.


Lambs replacement material is indistinguishable from the original and has helped to restore this prominent façade to its former glory.

The restored dormer nearly 200 years old and ready to stand the test of time.


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