Sawn Natural Yorkstone Paving (YPSS)

This finely honed sedimentary sandstone has been the choice of architects and planners in British cities for generations. Because of it's durability, many streets in London and other British cities are paved in Yorkstone.

Although suitable for a contemporary urban environment, this natural sandstone works as well in a country setting, or for surrounding swimming pools and water features.

Yorkstone weathers to a darker buff colour and is the quintessential material for an English country garden. This riven sandstone is split along the natural striations of the rock, giving the surface a natural texture.

Product Code: PSY
Type: Buff Sawn Paving
Sawn Natural Yorkstone Paving (YPSS)


Priced per m2.


Sawn to size. Thickness is a choice of

38mm (11/2")
50mm (2") In Stock
76mm (3")
Length is Random 400mm(153/4") to 800mm(311/2")
Set Width 609mm (24")


GeologyCarboniferous. Millstone grit series.
ColourLight Buff.
TextureVery fine Hard stone.
Crushing StrengthAir dried 1336 kgf/cm2
WeightWater saturated 2430kg/m3
Acid immersion testpassed
Porosity (%volume)8.6%
Saturation coefficient2.4%

Recommended Uses

Copings & pier caps
Garden features
Thresholds, cills and lintels


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