Ash Glazed Headers

Silver Grey Ash Glazed Headers

These handmade bricks have been used to create diaper patterns and other brickwork features since the 1500s. The silvery blue-grey creates a striking contrast with traditional red bricks. Ash glazed headers became sought-after in the 1700s when Flemish bonding became popular for building solid brick walls.

Our ash glazed headers can be manufactured as snapped headers (half-bricks), as stretchers, or as twin-ended headers. Manufactured by hand using traditional methods, they are perfect for restoration work.

Due to colour selection limitations, this product has limited availability.

Product Code: P11, P13
Colour: Silver Grey Shades
Silver Grey Ash Glazed Headers


102.5 x 106 x 65 mm
4 1/4" x 4 7/16" x 2 5/8"

Standard and non-standard specials available in this brick

Compressive Strength:

26.3 N/mm2
(see terms and conditions)

Water Absorption:

(see terms and conditions)


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