Kingley Multi Stocks

Chartwell Kingley Mixture Mixture Stocks (H10T)

A traditional multi stock brick with a wide-ranging spectrum of red, orange, buff and dark chocolate hues. Depending on your preference, these bricks can be reversed to show a more compact or a looser texture.

Multi stock bricks vary in colour and have been used widely across London and the South East since the 1800s. They may be sorted into similar shades, although will always have some variation in tones. Our Kingley Multi Stocks are our most varied in terms of colour.

Product Code: H10T
Colour: Blends of colour from Red to buff to grey
Chartwell Kingley Mixture Mixture Stocks (H10T)

Compressive Strength:

20 N/mm2
(see terms and conditions)

Water Absorption:

(see terms and conditions)


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