Natural stone and brick keystones

We design and make individual keystones from brick or natural stone, or design and supply them as part of a brich or stone arch. For restoration projects we can also make keystones from Coade stone, an artificial stone that was popular for statues and keystones in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Natural stone keystones
Our stonemasons use limestone, sandstone or Yorkstone to craft our stone keystones, For renovations or restorations, we stock Wealden Sussex Sandstone, fine grade sandstone and Yorkstone, as well as Port Regent limestone, which can be used to replace Portland Stone, and Port Lime, which emulates Bath Stone.
Standard stone keystones
For new builds and extensions, our simple but elegant standard keystones made from Wealden Sussex Sandstone, Port Lime or Port Regent offer excellent value for money.

Download/View the specifications for our standard stone keystones [PDF]
Brick keystones
Our brick keystones are handmade from our specialist soft red rubber brick material. Contact us to discuss the brick keystone you wish to replace or want to design. More about brick specials

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