British Standard Shaped Specials

Our standard specials are handmade using wooden moulds and the clay used in our Rubber Range bricks. Made according to British Standards (BS) metric sizes or Lambs imperial sizes, they blend perfectly with our Medium Rubber Range facing bricks.

Download our BS Standards Booklet


Imperial 228 x 110 x 68 mm
Metric 215 x 102.5 x 65 mm

Lambs Metric Specials

Angle and cant bricks
Bonding and slips
Bullnose bricks
Plinth bricks
Coping and capping
Arches and radials
Spacing bricks

Lambs Imperial Stock Specials

Plinth: Stretchers, Headers, External Returns, Internal Returns
Single Cants
Double Cants
Single Bullnose
Double Bullnose
Half Round Capping
Saddleback Capping
45 Degree Squint
Cyma Recta: Stretchers, Headers, External Returns
Cavetto: Stretchers, Headers, External Returns
Ovola: Stretchers, Headers, External Returns
Dentil : Stretchers, Headers, External Returns
Tudor Rose Squares
Fleur de Lys Squares


Our standard specials can be laid in a 9-10mm joint
We can also make bespoke specials

Technical Drawings


Our experienced technical consultants would be happy to answer your questions about any of our products or materials. Contact us to discuss what you need.

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