Rubbed and Gauged Specials

We use authentic TLB Red Rubber brick earth in crafting our rubbed and gauged specials. Lambs is the sole manufacturer of TLB Red Rubbers. These fine soft clay bricks have been used across London and the South since the 1700s. Our rubbed and gauged specials are approved for use on listed buildings, and can be shaped to your specifications or to precisely match any originals. Rubbed bricks are soft bricks that are cut, carved or rubbed to shape. They are usually installed with very narrow joints and are often used to make gauged brick arches. We carry stocks of uncut rubbers to enable us to deliver orders for rubbed and gauged specials in days rather than months. Before producing the specials you need, we prefer to visit your site to see how and where they will be used. Our handmade soft red rubbers are ideal for intricate brick carvings too.


Up to 230 x 115 x 75 mm without the use of adhered units


Any - to match original or classical detailing
Conge Profile
Cyma Recta
Cyma Reversa
Dentil Profile
Rope Profile
Scotia Profile
Torus Profile and more


Lambs gauged specials can be laid from a 1 mm to a 10 mm joint allowance. Units in 1 mm joints will need fettling or rubbing on site to final size.

Our experienced technical consultants would be happy to answer your questions about any of our products or materials. Contact us to discuss what you need.

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