Gauged Brick Arches

Our structural gauged arches are handcrafted with a cut-face or handmade finish. We manufacture them for buildings where traditional construction methods are being used, or supply them as pre-formed arches, which are quicker to install and suitable for new builds. Using traditional skills and materials we can also create arches for restorations, blending them with existing materials. On Grade 1 & 2 Listed buildings we will exactly match the original.

Lambs traditional arches are cut and delivered to be jointed on site using a mortar binder: lime putty for 1 to 2 mm jointed arches, and a lime and silver sand mix for joints from 3 mm. The voussoirs (arch units) are carefully numbered to correspond with our full size drawings. These arches are load bearing as proved by the hundreds still working efficiently giving support, if the proportions are right the width can be increased without loss of load bearing capability.

Traditional wet laid arches are an advantage where access is difficult or in conservation where minimal intervention is essential. Expertly laid rubbed and gauged arches with 1mm joints will give a property immense architectural authority.
Lambs preformed arches are delivered as a solid arch. They are prepointed with an epoxy mortar to a 2mm + joint. The traditional voussoirs (arch units) are fitted to a bespoke precast reinforced concrete lintel with end bearers. The arch can then bridge openings up to 2,500mm, depending on the face height, and can be lowered into place by crane or hoist using the lifting eyes. A stainless steel lintel can be used for wider spans. The bricklayer cuts and points the abutment bricks. These arches are ideal for high-speed construction.
Our arches are all made to the customers specification. Lambs technical staff can advise on the design and detail required. If you are matching an existing arch, our experts are able to visit site, survey the arches in situ, before issuing their notes to our draftsman for CAD drawings. Once the drawings are complete, these are then issued for full client approval prior to manufacture.
We make our brick arches using over-sized blocks that are cut or rubbed to shape. They can have a handmade or cut-face finish. Our TLB Red Rubber arch material is available in three shades of red and is made from fine brick earth that is kiln fired. We also have oversize gault arch material, and can cut other materials into arches on request.
Arches Configurator

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4 Course Semi-circular Gauged
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4 Course Bullseye Gauged
3 Course Gothic Gauged
4 Course Gothic Gauged
3 Course Venetian or Queen Anne Gauged
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