Handmade Bricks and Natural Stone
When we urgently required replacement architectural terracotta only Lambs were able to help. They surveyed the damaged existing material and delivered high quality replacements on time and on budget.

- Martin Northey of Collinstown Construction Limited
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Lambs Natural Lime Mortar

Lambs Natural Lime Mortar

Lambs Natural Lime Mortar is a pre mixed natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar. A general purpose mortar for building or pointing stone, brick and block: available in different strengths of NHL3.5 & NHL5, sand gradings and colours.

Lambs Natural mortar is a dry pre-bagged lime mortar made with St Astier pure and natural hydraulic lime and including pigments where required.

Four different sand textures are available:
TF (approx 1.5mm and down)
F (approx 2mm and down)
M (approx 3mm and down)

Lambs has wide range of colour options as shown in the colour chart.


For Repointing work the following volumes are required 20kg/m2 stonework; 7kg/m2 brickwork dependant upon the joint size. For brickwork 1 tonne of dry mortar will be needed to lay approximately 1000 bricks.

Lambs Natural Lime Mortar is available in 25 Kg bags and 1 tonne bulk bags. The 25 Kg bags have a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture provided they are stored in dry conditions.

Mortar choice

Mortar application Natural Lime Mortar type
General solid masonry, dense masonry, parapets and lintels Medium mortar
Made with NHL3.5 lime
Above roofline, below DPC incl. copings and cappings, earth retaining walls Strong mortar
Made with NHL5 lime
The correct specification for any mortar should consider the structural requirements, nature and condition of the background, site exposure, time of the year and type of finish required. Less porous masonry units and harsh climates require greater mortar strength.

Lambs can arrange site visits to match historic mortars where required, please contact the Sales Office.



  • Walls breathe (vapour permeability)
  • Low shrinkage (reduction of cracks)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Maintains the mortar's low modulus of elasticity (better resistance on a soft support)
  • Warm natural colour (light ochre)
  • Fast set allowing work to continue in adverse condition


Further information

If you require more detailed information please download our lime brochure or call our Sales Office for a copy to be sent to you.

Download Lambs
Lime Brochure

Download Lambs
Lime Brochure


Mortar Colors in Medium Texture for Bricklaying available in NHL3.5 & NHL5


Lambs Premixed Lime Putty
Arch Mortar including Silver


Lambs Mortar for Preformed and
Prepointed Arches