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Many thanks for so cleverly making the replacement brick arches. We are really thrilled with them.

- Randolph Churchill
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Latest News

2018 Sale

With the current brick shortage many people are now looking for quantities of bricks to finish projects and with this in mind Lambs are offering a number of pallets of bricks and specials on a first come first served basis. Packs include reclaim Imperial size reds and gaults, bespoke sizes of handmade blue, red squints, puple machine made squints, cants and copings and an assortment of small quantities of various bespoke specials.

High resolution photographs can be accessed on the Offers page where each pack is identified and priced. Please check that packs of interest are still available before travelling to the works. We current have 35,000 Imperial Handmade Refired Clamp Stocks available for immediate delivery in advance of a relaunch of clamp colours. More packs will be added as they become available and Lambs Rubber Range Imperial Handmade Light-Medium, Medium and Medium-Dark Facings are still readily availability. Please contact our Sales Office.

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Summer 2014 Brick Sale

Gauged Red Rubber Arches One Day Conference

Lambs have organised a one day conference on Tuesday 12 March 2013 to give a greater understanding of the mechanics behind successful traditionally built gauged arches. The speakers will talk about their expertise in gauged arches and demonstrate why traditional arches have been used for centuries as beams across openings.

George Saumarez Smith, Adam Architecture will discuss the classical arch and give a live drawing demonstration. The structural performance of an arch will be given by Richard Hill, ARUP and will include a physical demonstration of the collapse of an arch.

Chris Powell, South Bank University will discuss the surveyors view before Dr Gerard Lynch gives the theory behind different jointing limes and laying arches. Members of Kent Conservation and Restoration Ltd will give an insight into everyday practicalities of laying gauged red rubber arches.

Other speakers

  • Richard Hill - Advance Technology & Research ARUP Dr Gerard Lynch - The Red Mason
  • Richard Flegg & Charles Reilly - Kent Conservation & Restoration

The conference has been organised in association with The Weald & Downland Open Air Museum and will take place at the museum in Singleton, West Sussex. All ticket money will go to the museum charity for their funds.

Weald & Downland

Arch Picture

Arch Picture

One Good Face Clamp Stocks

Lambs have had a very successful season of sales of Imperial Handmade Clamp Stocks and have available the One Good Face Clamps shown here.
This selection contains all colours in a random mix and when laid the bricks should be taken from 3 - 4 packs to produce an even wall colour. A good brick layer will turn each brick to lay the best face outward and when used in a one brick thick wall, as demonstrated in the photograph, all bricks will be useable although the joint thickness may vary.
Please contact our Sales Office for prices and samples however we would recommend arranging to visit the works to inspect the bricks in bulk.

One Good Face Clamp Stocks

Cheyne Walk

This fine Grade II* listed gateway in one of the best locations in London has just been given a major overhaul. The outer pair of piers were sadly in such poor condition that they were dismantled after much consultation with and approval from English Heritage. Lambs Gauged Red Rubber Material was given full approval to be used on the rebuild of the outer pair of piers and the restoration of the larger inner pair of piers.
The specials on the inner piers lap over the gauged squares of the panel centre reducing the intrusion of the joint. Each special was hand cut to the template and fished to allow the contractor PAYE Stonework & Restoration to lay the work in 2mm lime putty joints. The final piece of restoration work is just being completed.

SPRING SALE - Many items just 49 pence each

In an unprecedented move Lambs have decided it's time to offer a huge range of special shaped bricks at crazy prices.
From Ovolos to Cavettos and Half Round Cappings to Tudor Roses the list is almost endless.
Some of these specials have lain forgotten for years gently gathering the pattina of age while others are still fresh from the kiln.
We will be adding new items to the list on the Special Offers page almost daily but there are too many variations to show them all. We will, however, be glad to arrange a time when you can visit the works to inspect the stock and take delivery of your selection. Please call the sales office to arrange this.

click to see a larger imageclick to see a larger image
Part of the Stock Yard

click to see a larger imageclick to see a larger image
view of another part of the yard

The lion roars again

Lambs have recently acquired the complete mould catalogue of the Ibstock Hathernware terracotta factory which operated from 1874 until its closure in 2004. Lambs workshop team are in the process of inspecting and identifying the various items which includes the famous Warwick Urn amongst other items. Also in the collection are moulds for animals of the Natural History Museum terracotta detailing including the famous lion which stands on the parapet at dormer level. The lion is one of a set of six animals, three living and three extinct, which were installed at high level.

The lion stands five feet seven inches high and was originally designed by Alfred Waterhouse as part of his Romanesque style Natural History Museum built between 1860 & 1880.

Moulded in two parts for ease of manufacturing the lion is later joined together. The photograph to the right shows the body section being filled and at least one person has an idea how it might feel to be eaten by a lion! The scale can clearly be seen but it must be remembered that the newly moulded green lion has to be far larger due to the allowance for shrinkage.

The completed lion will soon take pride of place in Lambs Terracotta workshop in Portslade and should look something like the former example shown here.

The other moulds in the collection cover a wide range of items with complete urns and sprig moulds for urns and decorative additions all carefully logged. One sprig mould is shown here with various pallets of moulds in the background. It is Lambs intention to create and fire many of these items over the coming months.

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The completed lion

click to see a larger imageclick to see a larger image
The lion mould being filled

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Hathernware moulds in the warehouse

New flame

Following on from the success of the kiln installed at Pitsham Brickworks Lambs have invested in three new kilns for the Cremer Whiting Works at Faversham.

Using the lessons learnt at Pitsham and the same technology the new kilns will have a capacity of 22,000 bricks which, with a 99% yield, will result in a greater percentage of bricks of the required colour.

Computer controlled programming will allow production to call up the exact temperate and timings required to achieve a pre-determined finished product which, with a consistent temperature of +/- 1 degree, top to bottom, left to right, will result in far less off-shades. The fibre lined kiln units were delivered earlier this year and are currently being fitted with the LPG supply and are due to be commissioned in the spring.

These new kilns will give the works a greater flexibility and the ability to continue to manufacture Rubber Range Facings from the on site brick earth continuing a centuries old tradition.

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Kilns being delivered to the Cremer brickworks

click to see a larger imageclick to see a larger image
New kiln prior to installation

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